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How Two Simple A4 Pages Of Writing Made Me Over £5 Million!

‘The most successful letter I wrote…and one of the shortest at two pages of A4…has pulled in over £5 Million so far, and it’s still coming in. I wrote that one way back in 1998 – in an afternoon!’ 

– John Harrison Streetwise Publications

‘Coming right up to date, the most recent letter, which I wrote just last week, brought in over £40,000 in the first two days after being read by less than a thousand people.  I fully expect that one to bring in over £1 Million over the next two or three years.’ 

– John Harrison Streetwise Publications

Much Of My Wealth Came From My Words… And Still Does!

Many of the millions I have amassed over the years have come from writing simple letters.

Letters which anyone can write.

Some may take a couple of days to write, others have taken as little as an afternoon.

None of the letters which I have written require anything more than a basic understanding of English… it actually pays you to not be great at English…

Everything I do, can be learned… it’s not rocket science.

As I said earlier, anyone can write these letters… including you.

Being able to write these  letters is the most profitable skill to have… and the ultimate home based freedom business.

You can write these letters from anywhere in the world using nothing more than a tablet...

I am pretty sure you can write them on a smartphone but they are just a bit too small for my fat fingers.

Not only can writing letters make you a lot of money like it has for me… other people will happily pay you thousands and sometimes tens of thousands to write letters for them.

Now is the ideal time to learn how to write letters like these…

There has really Never Been A Better Time for three reasons…

  1. These letters bring in serious money when times are tough – and they don’t come much tougher than they are right now.
  2. These letters are even more powerful when the world is relying on the internet for its requirements, just like it is right now.
  3. You probably have some free time available to learn how to do this at the moment.

The letter which has generated over £5 Million took me just 2 hours to write…